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 Paw Print Jewellery

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 Finger Print Jewellery

Unique gifts and keepsakes using fingerprints, handprints, footprints and paw prints from you, your family and even your pets.  We can capture your favourite drawing from your children or grandchildren with our Little Picasso range in fine silver or on a really useful keepsake fused glass coaster.

The process is very easy and all done by post so there's no need to be local.

We supply 2 different easy to use kits with each and every order with enough to take two prints.  For fingerprint jewellery we use a moulding compound and for our handprint jewellery, footprint jewellery and paw print jewellery a special wipe and paper.  Both kits are mess free! - all you have to do is take the print, pop it back into the envelope and take a gentle stroll to your nearest postbox.

Little Picasso

Little Picasso

Fingerprint Jewellery

Our Fingerprint jewellery offers something that is really unique.  No two prints are the same.  Because we take pride in what we do, we will not take fingerprints from children under 1 year of age - the reason for this is that their fingerprints are so fine and delicate, we cannot truly capture the detail.  We recommend you wait until they are a little older and their fingers have grown.

For our fingerprint jewellery the prints will remain actual size.

Finger Print Jewellery

 If you think you've seen some of our items before but can't quite place where, then we are very proud to say we have previously been featured in Marie Claire, ELLE, Harper's Bazaar and Vogue.

We have plenty of gifts to choose from with lots to inspire you.

 Handprint Jewellery & Footprint Jewellery

Our handprint jewellery and footprint jewellery is very popular no matter what your age.   In fact we are having an ever increasing demand from chilren and grandchildren requesting jewellery and keepsakes made from prints of their parents and grandparents.

Finger Print Jewellery

 Paw Print Jewellery

Many of us are absolutely crazy about our pets - if you have a beloved cat or dog then they too can have their prints taken.

paw print cufflinks / pawprint cufflinks


 Once we receive your completed prints back at Tasmia HQ, we reduce them in size to fit the keepsake or piece of jewellery you have chosen to have made.

We aim to make and dispatch your finished order within 4 weeks of receiving your completed kit(s).

New!! Hoof Print Jewellery


 All of our jewellery is handcrafted in solid silver and presented in a gift box.



For something a little different why not take a look at our NEW range of Glass products.  Beautiful glass coasters using Fingerprints, handprints, footprints and paw prints or our absolutely gorgeous Mini Print Discs - perfect for hanging from your Christmas Tree!

Finger Print Jewellery



Completely bespoke, our fingerprint jewellery is becoming increasingly popular as gifts for the Bride and/or Groom.  We also have some gorgeous gifts for the Bridemaids, which can be personalised.

Finger Print Jewellery 


For another special occasion, a Christening perhaps then take a peek at our beautiful handcrafted teddy bears, Rosie & Friends.

Beautifully made by Silent Companions, these gorgeous wee bears measure just 4" tall when standing with moving joints....... they are truly adorable.

Add an item of handprint jewellery or footprint jewellery to complete this beautiful gift.

Rosie & Friends


 Framed Prints

We appreciate that some of you may not wish to or cannot wear silver jewellery and have therefore introduced a range of framed prints.

You can choose from Copper or Sterling Silver - both are set in a deep wooden frame with different inscriptions to choose from.

Finger Print Jewellery


  In Memory

If you have suffered the loss of a loved one and wish to have a keepsake made with their fingerprints or handprints then please take a look at our In Memory page, where hopefully we have answered any questions you may have.  We can work from hospital prints and will liaise with the Funeral Director if you prefer.

Finger Print Jewellery


 Pets In Memory

We also understand that our pets are a very big and important part of our family.  Please visit our Pets In Memory page where we hope to have answered any questions you may have.  We will liaise with the Vet on your behalf if preferred.

Finger Print Jewellery


 Silver Gifts

If you are looking for something that is ready to be posted then please browse through our Shop where you will find some lovely handcrafted silver jewellery.



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