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Handprint Jewellery

Beautiful Jewellery for Christmas?  When do you need to order in time for Christmas?  Dates are published at the end of this blog.

Well .................. when do you start promoting your wares for Christmas?  I mutter under my breath when walking around the large stores amongst the baubles and advent calenders and when I see my newsfeed clogged up with Christmassy goods!  It would be an exaggeration to say it's pretty much on the back of Easter but it is honestly how it feel sometimes.  And yet ....................... I am guilty of doing exactly the same thing!!

Silver keepsake jewellery takes anything up to 5 or 6 weeks to make - why I hear you cry!

Once you have placed your order I put together your silver prints jewellery kit and post it out to you.  Mostly orders are within the UK but we do have many that go further afield.The next bit is up to you and takes as long as you want it to take - sometimes I receive the kits by return of post, other times it seems to take weeks before I get anything back.

2014-05-27_22.04.40 - copy (446x504)

Fingerprint Jewellery

Once your kits are returned I shrink your prints down so that you end up with your small print jewellery.  Unless you have opted for fingerprint jewellery, in which case the print stays the same size.

So by this time we have potentially used up a week to 2 weeks of the 5 weeks.

In order to make such unique jewellery I have to conduct numerous processes before your silver keepsakes are ready for polishing. Polishing is on the home straight and I find it very theraputic as I polish all of my jewellery by hand.  Finally I photography all of your very sparkly and shiny silver bespoke jewellery before packaging it up and posting it you.


Paw Print Jewellery

And that is pretty much all of our time taken up especially at busy times of the year like Christmas. 

So you will, perhaps, forgive me for clogging up your newsfeeds and pushing my wares way before Christmas (I confess I think it was towards the end of the summer holidays I first mentioned the unmentionable).  It is only because I want to spend the time your beautiful jewellery deserves to have in the making rather than cramming all your orders in for Christmas at the last minute. 


Footprint Jewellery

It also helps those of you who are extremely organised - can you believe I actually received a few Christmas orders back in January 2015 - they were put away somewhere safe ready for the big day (personally I wouldn't remember where I stash the goodies - I am really NOT that organised) because they can take advantage of our payment plans, which are available all year round.

So now, when others are busy promoting Christmas, I am starting to slow down a little as my last orders need to be placed by 5 December (absolute latest) and ALL kits need to be returned by 11th December - these dates are subject to change.

So with us speeding into Christmas it just leave me to say ...... Happy Shopping!

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