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Did you know that your fingerprints are completely unique?

Formed before you are born, your fingerprints remain the same throughout your lifetime, only changing to grow as you grow.


If you take a careful look at your fingers you will see that they are covered in fine lines - your fingerprints.

There are many different patterns:  Whorls, loops, double loops, arches and the pattern on each finger is different.

Because finger prints are so fine and delicate we have found that to obtain the best possible result for your finger print  jewellery, you need to be at least 1 year old.   Any younger than this we find that the moulding material used doesn't pick up the fine details properly;  when it is eventually transferred onto the silver, you can see very little if anything at all.  Many companies will offer this service from a younger age, however we firmly believe that if it is a finger print you have asked for, then a finger print you shall have.

The process for taking your finger print is easy and a simple guide is supplied with the kit.  The tricky bit is done back here at Tasmia HQ!

We supply enough moulding compound for you to take 2 finger prints.  You can either choose the same finger or different ones.  We ensure the best possible one is used.  However, you must remember that the result will only be as good as the print you have taken.

To give you an idea of sizing - children's finger prints will normally fit whole onto the finger print jewllery charm you have chosen.  Adult finger prints will normally be a partial print onto the finger print jewellery charm you have chosen.  The reason for this is that we do not shrink finger prints, unlike our hand print jewellery, foot print  jewellery and paw print jewellery - the prints remain exactly the same size.  Don't worry though we will always make sure the partial prints retain the best bit of the pattern for your unique silver keepsake jewellery.

Fingerprint jewellery