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Foot print jewellery, footprint jewellery 

Who thinks feet are cute?


Well they can be!  No matter what your size or your age, foot prints can be turned into the cutest little feet ever with our beautiful solid silver keepsake footprint jewellery.

Our foot prints are transformed into the cutest miniatures and transferred to a silver charm for the footprint jewellery of your choice.

Like fingerprints and handprints, your feet seem to be pretty unique.  Lots of different shapes and sizes.  If you haven't already then take a peek at some of our foot print jewellery.

The process is simple and there is an easy instruction sheet to follow when we send you the kit to take the foot print.  There is usually room on the special paper to take at least a couple of your foot prints and we will, of course, choose the one we think is the best unless you stipulate otherwise.

Don't worry if you smudge the print or end up with your fingerprints all over the paper - we tidy that up for you.

It's quite a complicted process but the basics are that we shrink your footprint to fit the size of the foot print jewellery you have ordered.

If we receive a foot print and don't think we can work with it, don't worry we will contact you immediately and, for a small fee, a further kit will be posted out to you.

Again,  please remember that whilst we choose the best footprint, the end result will only be as good as the print you have sent us.


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