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Paw print jewellery 

How many of us are crazy about our pets?

I am - ever since I was born I've had a dog as a companion.  In my latter years I was devoted to a beautiful Great Dane who lived to the grand old age of 9.  She was my soul mate.

My 2nd Great Dane, who sadly passed away Easter 2013 was an absolute character and so very clumsy!!  She was however, brilliant when my little boy was born and he had the pleasure of growing up with her for 5 years.

Now we just have a mad, crazy cat!!

I didn't know about paw print jewellery when I had my first Great Dane, I do however, have several items of paw print jewellery with the huge paws of my second!

No matter how big or small the paw print, it again like handprints and footprints,  will be reduced in size to fit the jewellery of your choice.

I've had several of my customer's telling me it's been fun trying to take the paw print in the first place and I so wished I could have been a fly on the wall!

The process is simple and there is an easy instruction sheet to follow when we send you the kit to take the paw print.  There is usually room on the special paper to take at least a couple of your pet's paw prints and we will, of course, choose the one we think is the best unless you stipulate otherwise.

Don't worry if you smudge the print,  find that there are lots of fur marks or end up with your finger prints all over the paper - we tidy that up for you.

It's quite a complicated process but the basics are that we shrink your pet's paw print to fit the size of the charm for the paw print jewellery you have ordered.

If we receive a paw print and don't think we can work with it, don't worry we will conact you immediately and, for a small fee, a further kit will be posted out to you.

Again, please remember that whilst we choose the best paw print, the end result will only be as good as the print you have sent us.


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