In Memory

In Memory

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"Death leaves a heartache no-one can heal,

love leaves a memory no-one can steal"

(author unknown)

If you are reading this page of our website then it is quite possible that you, or someone close to you, has recently suffered the tragic loss of a loved one.

Be it a child, parent, brother, sister, husband or wife, the feeling of grief can be totally devastating.

Whilst you will always have memories, these are sometimes not enough.

The decision to have this page on the website was made having been approached by a friend, who tragically suffered the loss of a baby within the family - left with only memories and a piece of paper with a precious hand and footprint, the friend asked if we could make something special from them.

These are just some of the examples we feel would make perfect keepsakes, although there are many others from within our range that you can also choose from.


 Our medium sized double print oval silver charm is set in a deep plain wooden frame.

Or you could have 2 beautiful sterling silver discs with the handprint and footprint of your loved one.

 You can choose the inscription and we have a choice of ribbon colours.




 Our Small circular charm has been attached to a sterling silver lobster clasp.  This has been designed to attach to other pieces of jewellery.



or you could have a beautiful sterling silver bead bracelet made to the length of your choosing with a small In Memory charm attached.

bead charm in memory



 If you have your loved ones' ashes and wish to have a charm made then the simplicity of our Ashes Charm makes a beautiful keepsake.




We understand that at such a sad time it may be difficult to ask someone how things are done so we aim to make things as simple as possible for you.

The process ..............

Handprint and footprint Jewellery

The hospital or Undertakers will, if asked, take a copy of the hand print and/or foot prints for you if they haven't already done so.

If you already have the prints we can work with those as well.

Kits can be obtained from our 'Accessories' tab but most hospitals already have similar already.

We DO NOT need the original prints, we know these are very precious, so we work from the copy you provide us with.

Once your order has been placed we will ensure that the appropriate kit is dispatched to you or the Funeral Directors as soon as practicably possible.   Obviously time is of the essence as the prints need to be taken prior to the Funeral.

If you would like us to send these via Special Next Day Delivery please let us know, otherwise they will be dispatched via 1st Class.

When the prints and have been taken and returned to us, we will work on them as quickly as we possibly can, ensuring we obtain the best possible print for you and your keepsake.

The prints are reduced in size to fit the jewellery you have ordered;  it is the same print you provide us with but in miniature.

Names  and or initials can be engraved on either side of your handprint jewellery or footprint jewellery dependant on the size of charm chosen.

Fingerprint Jewellery

Fingerprint jewellery can also be made but requires a different kit, which involves a moulding compound. 

Ashes Charm

For our Ashes Charm you will be sent a small pot in which to place a small amount of the Ashes of your loved one.  Once this is returned to us, every care is taken to remove the amount we need to fill your charm before it is sealed.  Remaining ashes will be returned to you with you charm.

Once your keepsake has been made we will post to you via 1st Class Recorded Delivery.

Should you have any questions or special requests then please do not hesitate to contact us.




Sometimes we may not have anything physical we can use to help us remember a loved one but would often like something to remind us, something that we can keep with us constantly.  The Angel Wing and Heart is handcrafted from fine silver and  the initial of your choice can be engraved onto the heart.

Angel Wing

Angel Wing and heart - hand print jewellery, foot print jewellery


Hopefully you will find a beautiful charm that will make the most precious and treasured keepsake

 Should you choose to make an In Memory Order it will be dealt with in a caring and sensitive manner.


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