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Our beautiful glass Coasters and discs are made by us here at Tasmia HQ.  They have not been bought in for us just to stick the image on the top!

Because they are made by us we are able to add background colour either by changing the base colour or placing a very fine powder between the glass, depending on the density of this powder it may appear as a solid colour or a mottled effect.

A white background is currently availabe but should you fancy something different then please contact us.  You should also be aware that we are, at this time, unable to alter the colour of the actual image.

You will also see that bubbles within the Coaster come as part of the package - our bubbles are totally free of charge!  Each coaster comes out slightly different and whilst we aim to reduce the bubble effect, there will be some stubborn ones that remain.  We believe this adds character to the piece and bubbles, will not therefore be considered as a fault.  This is something you should be aware of prior to making your purchase.

Once you have placed your order you will receive a special kit with full instructions - if you are ordering a fingerprint coaster then please pay special attention as the image and detail will only be as good as that which you send us.  If the fingerprint has no detail and is smudged that is what we will see too!

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