Pets in Memory

Pets In Memory


 There is a wonderful story that tells of a beautiful green meadow located this side of Heaven, the meadow and the bridge connecting it to Heaven ............

is called Rainbow Bridge.


This beautiful girl is waiting at Rainbow Bridge

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The story tells of how, when a pet dies, it goes to the meadow having been restored to perfect health and free of any injuries.  Running and playing with all the other pets, there is always fresh food and water and the sun is ALWAYS shining.

But whilst the pet is at peace and happy, the story tells of how they miss their owner, who had to be left behind on Earth.

When their owner dies, they come across the Rainbow Bridge and it is, at that moment, that their pet sniffs the air, looks into the distance and upon seeing their owner, runs as fast as they possibly can until they are in their owner's arms; licking their face with joy, whilst the owner looks into the eyes of their pet, absent on Earth but never absent in their heart

Side by side, they cross the Rainbow Bridge together into Heaven, never again to be separated.


We understand that your pet is part of your family  and that the loss of your pet is heartbreaking

We will deal with your enquiry sensitively and swiftly and completely understand that you may not wish to discuss anything in detail.  However,  it is very important that your pet's prints are obtained as soon as possible.


Tasmia Beads


We can take your pet's paw print and turn it into a beautiful piece of jewellery or treasured keepsake.  Unlike humans, we often know when it is time for our pet's to pass over to Rainbow Bridge and we can arrange to take their paw prints before they leave us.

  Sometimes, however,  we do not know and the decision is beyond our control and very sudden.  We can arrange to send our special kits direct to the Vet and request they take the print for us or we can send direct to you.  You will need to advise your Vet that you wish to have your pet's paw print taken - you may even find that have the relevant equpiment to take them prior to our kits arriving. 

We will even speak with your Vet on your behalf if it makes things a little easier.



Ashes Charm

ashes charm 1

It may not always be possible to have the paw print of your pet but we can take the tiniest amount of their ashes to place into our beautifully simple Ashes Charm.  The inside of the charm is hollow and we take the smallest of ashes to place inside before sealing it up so that it can never be opened again.  The charm can be worn as a pendant or attached to a bracelet.

On receipt of your order we will send you a small pot in which to place your ashes and when returned to us, every care is taken to ensure only the amount required to fill your charm is used.  The remaining ashes will be returned to you with your charm when it has been made, via 1st Class Recorded Delivery.


Small, Medium and Cutie Charms




All of these items can be found within our Shop but if there is something you would like but don't see, then please don't hesitate to contact us and we will try our very best to help